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How to Bid

  • You must be a registered bidder to bid. Register Here

  • You may bid or track more than one item at a time in this list. You may also click on the item for more information, and bid from there.

  • You may add an item to your Members Area tracking list without placing a bid. Just check the box and you will be able to view the status of the item quickly with the rest of the items you have tracked or bid on by logging in to Members Area.

  • When bidding, place only numbers in the Bid Entry Boxes Above.
    Example: a bid would be 10 and a 10 cent bid would be 0.10

  • A Maximum Bid sets the limit of an automatic increase in your behalf if the bid is raised. Each time you are outbid, your bid will be raised the minimum amount necessary to be the highest bidder, up until your maximum bid has been met. This is entirely optional, and in complete confidence. Not available with Quantity Bidding.

  • If an Item Uses Reserve Bidding Bidders may bid on the item, but the item may not be sold unless the Highest Bid reaches the Reserve Selling Price.

  • If an Item Has More Than One Available Bidders may bid on any quantity up to the total amount. You are bidding on how much you will pay for each item. The high bidder gets the choice of quantity, which is specified at the time of their bid. In the event of a tie in the high bid, the bidder with the greater quantity will win. In the event of a tie in the high bid and quantity, the time the bidder placed their first bid is the deciding factor. If a bidder has placed a winning bid, but the total quantity is not available due to higher bids, they are expected to accept whatever quantity remains.
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