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Seller Rules | Bidding History November 29, 2015
5:17:00 AM MST
German Blucher C.1811 Cav Saber W/100YR History -- Complete Listing
Item ID cwlopi-639
Seller Hansen & Hansen (56)
Seller's Location Southport, CT
Home Page Auction Home Page
Starting Bid $125.00
Quantity Available 1
Auction Ending Date Thanks for interest, Auction has Ended
Auction Item Description
German Blucher Cav Saber w/100 YR History

This is the German Heavy Cavalry saber of 1811.

It's a direct copy of the British Model 1796 cavalry saber, and is commonly referred to a "Blucher" sword. Napoleon Bonaparte criticized the "hatchet point" of these blades as cruel and barbaric instruments of war. On the surface it may seem that this was a crusty old relic but the surprise comes when it is withdraw from its heavy iron scabbard. The sheath is encrusted in heavy patina and almost looks like it was buried! The 32” long “ominous” blade, almost 1-1/2” at base of hilt, has been protected these many years is NEAR MINT.

It is 39” overall and bears markings of issuance and reissuance over a 100 year period. It is marked

on upper part of scabbard: T.P. stands for "Proviantkolonne der Train-Abteilung", or Supply Column of a Service Corps Detachment, in this instance, the 10th Train, 2nd company, 31st weapon. When Germans use the term "Train", it refers to their supply formations. On the langet is marked M.F. 3.14

which stands for "Magazin-Fuhrparkkolonne der Etappen-Inspektion", or Magazine Transport Pool Column of Base Supervision, 3rd company, 14th weapon.

These guys hauled around the ammunition to the fighting troops. The "145"

marked on hilt may be tied into this marking, signifies the 145th Infantry Regiment.

The 1830 stamped on blade is the date of manufacture. Many of these obsolete weapons were passed to support troops like those described above in WWI, since there was a rule that German troops were to all be armed while in uniform, and these relics were sufficient for soldiers unlikely to see any combat.

A great relic of the Napoleanic Wars which undoubted saw service all the way through World War I.

Bid Status Reserve Bidding. The minimum opening bid is $125.00.
Bidding History
      No bids have been placed on this item.
Specific Rules Posted by Hansen & Hansen

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