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This page was put together with the assistance of James B. Whisker, renowned author of numerous books on Kentucky Rifles, Percussion Long Guns and his most recent release is entitled, Arming the Glorious Cause. It was co-authored with Dan Hartzler and Larry Yantz. For information to purchase any of these fine works Click Here!

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Griswold & Gunnison, made 3,700 revolvers, .36 cal. 6 shot, under CSA contract. Griswoldville, GA, destroyed Nov., 1864 T.W. Cofer, copied Whitney Navy, brass frame, only 10 specimens known. Total production 50-140. Portsmouth, VA.
J.H. Dance, made 325-500, in .36 and .44 cal. Most lack recoil shield, iron frame, brass grip straps. Columbia Texas. Columbus, made 100, .36 cal., 6 shot, Navy Type Revolver. Granted CSA contract for 10,000 guns. Destroyed in 1865. Columbus, GA.
Clark, Sherrard & Co. 400 made under contract to the State of Texas. Believed that only 1finished prior to the end of the war, remainder made after the war. Lancaster, Texas. Lemat, invented by an American, but manufactured in Europe. 2,900 total in several models. Had a 9 shot .42 cal. cylinder and a single .69 cal. center barrel used as a cylinder pin.
Spiller & Burr, made 1,450, .36 cal. 6 shot revolver, similiar to a Whitney Navy, with brass frame. Made under CSA contract at Altlanta, GA, then Macon, GA.  Rigdon & Ansley, made 1,000, 36 cal. 6 shot, iron frame, brass grip straps. CSA contract, 12 stop slots on cylinder are unique feature. Augusta, GA.

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