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Identify Regulation and Secondary US Military Percussion Pistols of the Civil War

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M1860 Colt Army .44 caliber, CW Range through 153,000
M1863 Starr S.A., .44 caliber, CW Range entire production, 32,000 made
New Model Army Remington .44 caliber, CW range through 125,000
 M1851 Colt Navy, .36 caliber, CW range through 180,000 
M1858 Starr DA Army, .44 caliber, CW range entire production, 23,000 made
Savage Navy, 36 caliber, CW range through 20,000 
Rogers and Spencer Army Revolver, .44, CW contract 5,800, but delivered after the war
 C.S. Pettengil Army .44 caliber hammerless, CW range entire 3,400
Metropolitan Arms Navy, .36 caliber, CW range through 6000
Wesson & Leavitt Dragoon. .40 caliber, 800 made, c.1850-1851
Colt Model 1855 Sidehammer Pocket Pistol, (Root) .28-.31 caliber, CW range 35,000
M1862 Colt Police, .36 caliber, 28,000 total
Whitney Navy Model Percussion Pistol, .36 caliber, 33,000 all Civil War
Freeman Single Action, .44 caliber, only 2,000 made and not under US contract. One of the rarest large frame CW Pistols. This one has replaced cylinder
Remington-Beals Navy Revolver, .36 caliber, 15,000 entire production CW range
Warner Pocket Pistol, 2,000 Total, came out early in the war, cartridge guns proved more popular, entire production CW range

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