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******Untouched Harpers Ferry Iron Mounted Model 1855 Rifle dated 1860****** : Auction-jsanderson-969

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Auction Description

This wonderfully untouched Harper’s Ferry Model 1855 two-band Rifle dated 1860 has a great battle scar and an intriguing replacement Lorenz rear sight.

This model is one of the scarcer primary issue US military long arms produced just before the outbreak of the War. From 1857 until early 1861 it was produced in two primary variations, Type I (with brass hardware) and Type II (with iron hardware), with a total of only 7,317 made, all at Virginia’s Harper’s Ferry Arsenal.

This Type II iron mounted rifle escaped being cleaned or polished by a collector and is still in the nice even untouched condition collectors sometimes call “attic mint.”

The lock markings are clear, including the date 1860. The distinctive Maynard Tape Primer lock mechanism is complete and works perfectly. The lockplate still has some has finish, very attractive. I can’t see a barrel date or proofmarks; these marks may well be present, and a bit of sanding might well reveal them. But, as I said, this rifle has escaped that sort collector’s modification! The rear sling is still present, the front one missing.

The wood is solid, was not sanded, and still has two inspector’s cartouches visible in the wood on the flat opposite the lock. There is an interesting curving ten inch gash along one side, stretching from just in front the lock to between the two bands – this is not a crack, but an open gash that sure looks like a battle scar to me!

The barrel rifling is still sharp and crisp, with no pitting – the user of this rifle took care to clean the bore properly. The ramrod is the original, distinctive ramrod made only for these two-band M1855 rifles – the swell in the shaft is also found in the model 1855 rifle-muskets and model 1861 rifle-muskets, but in these rifles, it is spaced differently from the tulip head, and this one is a real rifle ramrod and not a cut down rifle-musket one. The lower end is still threaded.

These Type II rifles were fitted with the M1858 adjustable rear sight, fastened to the barrel with a rear dovetail slot and a front screw through the sight down into the barrel. My Rifle has a non-adjustable rear sight take from an Austrian Lorenz rifle. It was put onto this rifle during its period of use. When I see this type of repair / modification on a period used arm, I think Southern, and I like this sight on this rifle.

This is one of my favorite examples of one of my favorite arms of the Civil War, the 33-inch barrel .58 caliber Model 1855 Rifle. It is tough to find these untouched. This is not a rusty relic. The metal is smooth, and this is an attractive example of a classic and scarce arm. If I don’t get my price for it, I will be happy to keep it in my collection.

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You may email me directly at jsanderson@columbus.rr.com

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