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**REDUCED***Identified 1861 dated Enfield Rifle Musket, Indiana soldier, Morgans’s Raid and Wilder’s : Auction-jsanderson-1503

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Wilder’s Brigade Enfield Rifle Musket, ownership stamped by Demetrius S. Toon, who first enlisted to chase Morgan out of Indiana, and later enlisted in the 17th Indiana Infantry, Wilder’s Brigade.

I bought this rifle musket from just south of Indianapolis, Indiana. It is period stamped into the wood of the stock and into the brass of the buttplate with “D. S. TOON” who was Demetrius S. Toon, who enlisted in 1863 with the 103rd Indiana, an emergency unit created to protect Indiana from invasion of confederate General John Hunt Morgan, who was making his daring Morgan’s Raid across southern Indiana and Ohio. Demetrius mustered into the 103rd Indiana Infantry on July, 9, 1863 as a Sargent and mustered out August 1st.

This 1861 dated Model 1853 rifle-musket was one of many thousands used by both North and South during the War.

Here is the summary of the 103rd Indiana:

“Word being received at Indianapolis on the evening of July 8, 1863, that a force of 6,000 cavalry under Morgan had crossed the Ohio river near Mauckport and was moving on Corydon, a call was issued for citizens to organize for defense. Within 48 hours 65,000 men had tendered their services. This regiment [the 103rd Indiana] was organized as minute men … July 10, 1863, with 681 rank and file, and moved by rail on the 11th from Indianapolis to Vernon. Securing horses for 146 men from his and Gregory's command, Col. Shuler pushed on and joined a pursuing column, his detachment taking the advance. Coming in sight of Morgan's rear-guard on the afternoon of the 13th, the troops engaged in several skirmishes with detachments of the enemy near Harrison, Ohio, and entered there soon after Morgan's rear-guard had departed. The pursuit continued as far as Batavia, Ohio, when the command returned to Indianapolis, being mustered out shortly after the balance of their respective regiments had been discharged. The 103d had moved to Sunman's station and after Morgan's escape into Ohio had returned to Indianapolis, where it was mustered out July 16th.” It was one of the few that traded shots with Morgan’s Men.

Demetrius S. Toon, was born in 1829 into a tight-knit community of members of the Brethren Church (also called the Dunkards or Dunkers), in Marion County, Indiana, where he enlisted in the 103rd Indiana as a Sargent. The Brethren was a peace church (along with the Quakers and Mennonites) , and I’d like to know how many enlisted. Toon later enlisted in Company I of the 17th Indiana, one of four units in the famous Wilder’s Brigade. Demetrius’ military career didn’t last long. He enrolled September 9, 1864 and died of smallpox in Nashville on February 20, 1865. He must have had some home furlough time after his enrollment on September 9th, because he left two children receiving a pension, the youngest, a daughter Dora S. Toon, who was born July 11, 1865, more than 10 months after his enlistment date.

In any event, this is a used but not abused 1861 dated Enfield, still has rifling in the barrel. The sling swivels were long ago removed, commonly done by soldiers who did not often use slings, and the rear sight has been knocked off, also very common. This has the cryptic mark of “1861” on the side of the barrel, where the proof marks would usually be located. The nipple is battered, but bore is still rifled, and the mechanics are crisp, and this is an attractive early War Enfield rifle musket.

Demetrius S. Toon isn’t on record as being a hero, and his service in the storied Wilder’s Brigade doesn’t seem to have any amazing events. He was just one of many men who left their families when it seemed necessary to save their state and country.

You may email me directly at jsanderson@columbus.rr.com

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