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    Below is the list of Auction Catagories. Click on a category to view a list of auction items in this category.
    Click on the link below to go directly to the featured item.
1866-through-1898-Center-Fire-Pocket-Revolvers (6)
1866-through-1898-Edged-Weapons (2)
1866-through-1898-Foreign-Firearms (3)
1866-through-1898-Hoglegs-and-Holster-Guns (5)
1866-through-1898-Military-Single-Shot-Long-Guns (3)
1866-through-1898-Multi-Barrel-Pocket-Pistols (1)
1866-through-1898-PARTS-SIGHTS-for-Firearms (8)
1866-through-1898-Photo-Saloon-Gambling-and-Leather-Collectibles (2)
1866-through-1898-Rim-Fire-Pocket-Revolvers (5)
1866-through-1898-Single-Shot-Deringers (6)
1866-through-1898-Sporting-Long-Guns (1)
1866-through-1898-Winchester-Rifles (3)
1866-through-1964-Colt-Single-Action-Revolvers (2)
1899 through 1940 Photographs Posters Artwork Paper Collectibles (1)
1899 through 1964 Colt Single Action Revolvers (1)
1899-through-1918-WWI-Military-Collectibles (1)
1899-through-1918-WWI-Military-Firearms (1)
1899-through-1945-US-Military-Collectibles-Edged (5)
1899-through-1964-Sporting-Rifles-Pistols (2)
1919-through-1945-WWII-Japanese-German-Collectibles (1)
Antique-Ammunition-Boxes-Cartridges-Tools (1)
Civil-War-28-through-31-Cal-Percussion-Hand-Guns (10)
Civil-War-36-Cal-Percussion-Hand-Guns (11)
Civil-War-44-Cal-Percussion-Hand-Guns (6)
Civil-War-Carbines-and-Henry-Rifles (2)
Civil-War-Cartridge-Hand-Guns (6)
Civil-War-Edged-Weapons (1)
Civil-War-Militaria-Through-WWI-Collectibles-Photos-Documents (4)
Civil-War-Rifled-Muskets (6)
Collectible-and-Research-Books-Letters-Autographs-Artwork (2)
Confederate-Firearms-Swords-Collectibles (3)
European-Firearms-Militaria-1800-1898 (2)
Flasks-Powder-Horns-and-Loading-Tools (2)
Flintlocks-Pre-1840 (7)
Modern Ammunition and Reloading Supplies (1)
Modern-Collectible-Knives (4)
Pre-Civil-War-Pepperboxes (1)
Pre-Civil-War-Single-Shot-Percussion-Pistols (4)
Rev-War-and-War-1812-Firearms-Militaria-Edged-Weapons (1)
102-G1114-0055, WW1 Remington M-1917 Bayonet. BLOWOUT
High bid 24.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0914-0103, John Moll I, 1746-1794. REV WAR RIFLE
Starting bid 5999.00
104-G1114-7703, Tycoon. 32 Ca RF. BLOWOUT
Starting bid 50.00
102-1114-0017, Remington Smoot 1st Model recoil shield, BLOWOUT
High bid 560.00 Reserve Price Met
102-G1114-0066, Bone Grips Colt SA. BLOWOUT
High bid 96.00 Reserve Price Met
104-G1114-7707, S&W Lemon Squeezer. Safety Hammerless 1st Model. BLOWOUT
High bid 200.00 Reserve Price Met
104-G1114-7701, M-1851 Colt Navy. 36 Caliber. BLOWOUT
High bid 300.00 Reserve Price Met
102-G1114-0079, M-1902 Officers Sword, Frosted Blade, BLOWOUT
High bid 160.00 Reserve Price Met
102-1114-0046, S&W 1st Model Baby Russian, BLOWOUT
High bid 260.00 Reserve Price Met
079-1114-0133, Colt M-1849 4 inch, SCENE, RAINBOW HUES, BLUE, BLOWOUT
High bid 1050.00 Reserve Price Met
102-G1114-0075, Decorated & Cased Dealer Knife. WR Case & Sons Cutlery Co.
Starting bid 300.00
104-G1114-7704, S&W 1 ½. .32 S&W Cal. SA. RARE 6”. BLOWOUT
High bid 285.00 Reserve Price Met
079-1014-3517, REMINGTON ARMY REVOLVER. Inscribed, FBC Co.
Starting bid 3299.00
079-1114-0103, US M-1816 Flint Pistol, reconverted. BLOWOUT
High bid 370.00 Reserve Price Met
102-G1114-0060, Colt SA Hammer. BLOWOUT
High bid 31.00 Reserve Price Met
104-G1114-7705, Bacon Arms Pocket. .32 Cal RF. BLOWOUT
High bid 100.00 Reserve Price Met
104-G1114-7706, Civil War Pinfire “BP/HGI” Factory Engraved, BLOWOUT
High bid 178.00 Reserve Price Met
102-G1114-0059, 2 Pair of Colt Lightning grips. BLOWOUT
High bid 10.00 Reserve Price Met
079-1114-0118, Rogers and Spencer Army, BLUE, EXC. BORE, BLOWOUT
High bid 1125.00 Reserve Price Met
102-G1114-0065, 2 pair Wooden grips, Colt SA. BLOWOUT
High bid 7.00 Reserve Price Met
079-1114-0127, H&A .32 RF Spur Trigger, Excellent, Pearls, BLOWOUT
High bid 300.00 Reserve Price Met
079-1114-0102, Colt M-1849, 6 inch. SCENE, BLOWOUT
High bid 829.00 Reserve Price Met
079-1114-0141, Colt M-1860 Army, EARLY 4 screw. #7795, BLOWOUT
High bid 1725.00 Reserve Price Met
079-1014-3823C, Nepperhan .31, 5 shot, GRAY, RARE, BLOWOUT
High bid 455.99 Reserve Price Met
079-1114-0116, Colt M-1862 Police, LONDON PROOFED, RARE, BLOWOUT
High bid 1575.00 Reserve Price Met
079-1114-0119, Walach 10 Shot Double Hammer, RARE, BLOWOUT
High bid 975.00 Reserve Price Met
079-1014-0984 COLT M-1877 LIGHTNING DA, PEARLS,
Starting bid 1899.00
079-0914-0072, Colt M-1851 Navy, Military Finish, EXCELLENT
Starting bid 7499.00
102-G1114-0053, Trapdoor Bayonet, scabbard, frog and belt hook. BLOWOUT
High bid 30.00 Reserve Price Met
102-G1114-0070, Limited Edition Dealer Chuck Buck Buck Knife w/ sheath.
Starting bid 300.00
079-0814-0037A, Winchester M-1873 Octagon Barrel, 90% EXCELLENT
Starting bid 4499.00
102-1114-0007, Merwin and Hulbert 4th DA, Frontier BLOWOUT
High bid 700.00 Reserve Price Met
079-1114-9999, Cooper .36 Navy, CASE, BLUE, BLOWOUT
High bid 1325.00 Reserve Price Met
104-G1114-7708, Lot of 2 Civil War Era Pistols. BLOWOUT
High bid 100.00 Reserve Price Met
079-G1114-0027, Manhattan Navy Double Mold, BLOWOUT
High bid 50.00 Reserve Price Met
079-G114-0002, Manhattan Navy, Series 2, SCENE, BLOWOUT
High bid 691.00 Reserve Price Met
079-1114-0101, Colt M-1849, 6 inch, 60% blue, SCENE, BLOWOUT
High bid 1275.00 Reserve Price Met
102-G1114-0071, Decorated & Cased Dealer Knife. WR Case & Sons Cutlery Co
Starting bid 300.00
079-1114-0120, Remington Ryder DA Pocket .31 BLOWOUT
High bid 489.00 Reserve Price Met
079-1114-0123, S&W Old Model Army, HIDEOUT GUN, BLOWOUT
High bid 275.00 Reserve Price Met
102-G1114-0064, Colt SA, Eagle grips. BLOWOUT
High bid 251.00 Reserve Price Met
079-1114-0150, Starr 4 Barrel .32 RF Pepperbox, PRISON ALTERED, BLOWOUT
High bid 200.00 Reserve Price Met
102-G1114-0068, Colt Composite Ivory Grips, BLOWOUT
High bid 75.00 Reserve Price Met
079-1014-G104, Western Spurs. BLOWOUT
High bid 26.00 Reserve Price Met
102-G1114-0052, Krag, early 1900s Bayonet.BLOWOUT
High bid 56.00 Reserve Price Met
102-G1114-0054, US TD Bayonet Scabbard, and belt hook, BLOWOUT
High bid 5.00 Reserve Price Met
079-1114-0131, Remington NM Army, 97% Bright Delux Blue
Starting bid 5499.00
102-G1114-0058, Lot of holster. 3. BLOWOUT
High bid 21.00 Reserve Price Met
079-G1114-2507, BOXED S&W Safety Hammerless, BLOWOUT
High bid 310.00 Reserve Price Met
102-G1114-0056, US Marked Holster. BLOWOUT
High bid 46.00 Reserve Price Met
102-G1114-0078, Early 1900s Marine Officer\'s Sword, Frosted, BLOWOUT
High bid 150.00 Reserve Price Met
079-1014-0080, Colt M-1860 Army, 95% scene, blue, case
Starting bid 3999.00
102-G1114-0080, S&W Early 1900s Catalog with original stamped envelope. BLOWOUT
High bid 35.00 Reserve Price Met
079-1114-0104, US M-1816 Flint Pistol, by North, BLOWOUT
High bid 360.00 Reserve Price Met
079-G1114-0031, Manhattan Navy Double Mold, BLOWOUT
High bid 52.00 Reserve Price Met
102-1114-0033, Smith and Wesson #3 First Model American, BLOWOUT
High bid 875.00 Reserve Price Met
102-1114-0034, New Model #3 SA, 6 1/2 inch barrel, BLOWOUT
High bid 780.00 Reserve Price Met
104-G1114-7702, Factory Engraved Marlin No. 32 BLOWOUT
Starting bid 150.00
079-1014-0079, Colt M-1851 Navy, Large Guard, 90% BLUE
Starting bid 3749.00
079-0614-1124, COLT M-1860 4 Screw, CONFED, REDUCED
Starting bid 5899.00
102-G1114-0073, Dealer Knife. WR Case & Sons Cutlery Co. BLOWOUT
Starting bid 300.00
079-1114-0122, Early Colt M-1851 Navy, #49917, Small Guard, BLOWOUT
High bid 1765.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0314-B001, Robbins and Lawrence Pepperbox, REDUCED to Move
Starting bid 1899.00
102-G1114-0057, WWII US Marked Holster. BLOWOUT
High bid 19.00 Reserve Price Met
079-1114-0136, Early Brass Double Mold Colt M-1849, BLOWOUT
High bid 154.00 Reserve Price Met
079-1114-0114, S&W Old Model Army, 5 INCH, BLUE, BLOWOUT
High bid 510.00 Reserve Price Met
Auction Sellers
    The seller's name or company name is listed below, followed by thenumber of auction items they have for sale, and their rating as aseller. Click on the link to visit their home page, and accesstheir auction items directly. (674) Hansen & Hansen(38) (56)
Jeff Anderson(19) (35) Historical Investors(6) (3)
ebco(4) (14) Vintage guns(1) (24)
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