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1866-through-1898-Center-Fire-Pocket-Revolvers (2)
1866-through-1898-Foreign-Firearms (2)
1866-through-1898-Hoglegs-and-Holster-Guns (1)
1866-through-1898-Military-Single-Shot-Long-Guns (1)
1866-through-1898-Multi-Barrel-Pocket-Pistols (2)
1866-through-1898-PARTS-SIGHTS-for-Firearms (1)
1866-through-1898-Photo-Saloon-Gambling-and-Leather-Collectibles (2)
1866-through-1898-Rim-Fire-Pocket-Revolvers (7)
1866-through-1898-Single-Shot-Deringers (5)
1866-through-1898-Sporting-Long-Guns (1)
1866-through-1898-Winchester-Rifles (1)
1866-through-1964-Colt-Single-Action-Revolvers (3)
1899-through-1964-Sporting-Rifles-Pistols (1)
1919-through-1945-WWII-Japanese-German-Collectibles (1)
Antique-Ammunition-Boxes-Cartridges-Tools (1)
Civil-War-28-through-31-Cal-Percussion-Hand-Guns (7)
Civil-War-36-Cal-Percussion-Hand-Guns (6)
Civil-War-44-Cal-Percussion-Hand-Guns (2)
Civil-War-Carbines-and-Henry-Rifles (3)
Civil-War-Cartridge-Hand-Guns (3)
Civil-War-Edged-Weapons (5)
Civil-War-Militaria-Through-WWI-Collectibles-Photos-Documents (1)
Civil-War-Rifled-Muskets (10)
Confederate-Firearms-Swords-Collectibles (4)
European-Firearms-Militaria-1800-1898 (3)
Flintlocks-Pre-1840 (7)
Modern Ammunition and Reloading Supplies (1)
Pre-Civil-War-Single-Shot-Percussion-Pistols (4)
079-0714-0221B, Colt Newline .22 RF, 80% nickel BLOWOUT
Starting bid 100.00
079-0714-2171c, Marlin .32 RF, XX Standard, BLOWOUT
High bid 51.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0714-0150A, US M-1816 Flint Simeon North .54, BLOWOUT
High bid 838.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0714-4086C, US M-1840 Heavy Cavalry Officers Sword, BLOWOUT
Starting bid 500.00
079-0214-3045B, Colt Open Top Pocket Revolver, 95% BLOWOUT
High bid 357.00 Reserve Price Met
100-J0814-0002. Remington NM Navy, 85% Blue, Excellent
Starting bid 6499.00
079-0814-0045, Bacon Pocket .31, 30% grip varnish, BLOWOUT
High bid 420.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0814-0055, Springfield TD Rifle sling and bayonet, BLOWOUT
High bid 600.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0714-0135B, US M-1816 Desirable Ohio marked BLOWOUT
High bid 801.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0714-2174B, Cased Remington Vest Pocket .22, inlaid oak box. BLOWOUT
High bid 400.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0714-4200B, Ethan Allen .32 RF Belt, Plus Case, BLOWOUT
High bid 375.00 Reserve Price Met
079-G614-5012, Antique Slim Jim Holster. BLOWOUT
High bid 300.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0714-2068, Colt Third Model Dragoon, BLOWOUT
High bid 3051.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0714-2128, US M-1860 Cavalry Sword, 1865, Ames, BLOWOUT
High bid 236.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0714-2215C, Flint Belt Model Pistol, carved stock, BLOWOUT
High bid 422.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0714-4148B, Defender 89, .32 RF, Suicide Special, BLOWOUT
High bid 52.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0714-1020, Smith and Wesson #1, 2nd 95% tarnished silver,
Starting bid 674.00
079-0714-2381A, M-1860 Cavalry Sword, NJ Marked, c. 1862, BLOWOUT
High bid 470.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0814-0009, Merrill 2nd Model SRC, clear cartouche, BLOWOUT
High bid 676.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0714-4198A, S&W 38 Double Action 3rd Model Revolver, BLOWOUT
High bid 100.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0714-0182A, Pottsdam Flint Musket, Conversion, BLOWOUT
High bid 101.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0814-0012, Maynard .50, 2nd SRC, 90% BLUE, CASE, BLOWOUT
High bid 1125.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0614-1287, SAVAGE NAVY, Gray, functional, BLOWOUT
High bid 1150.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0214-1722F, Second Generation Henry Deringer, .50, BLOWOUT
High bid 76.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0814-0034, Early Colt M-1849 5 inch, #29077, BLOWOUT
High bid 725.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0714-2206C, Spanish Percussion Pistol, 60 cal, BLOWOUT
High bid 282.00 Reserve Price Met
079-G614-5027, 5 Antique Photos. Early 1900s. BLOWOUT
High bid 5.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0814-0038, US M-1816 Musket Military Conversion. BLOWOUT
High bid 680.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0714-4200A, Smith & Wesson #1 3rd Issue, plus Case, BLOWOUT
High bid 300.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0714-2183C, Hopkins & Allen Blue Jacket, Holster, BLOWOUT
High bid 156.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0314-B043, Hopkins and Allen .31, 50% deep blue, BLOWOUT
High bid 600.00 Reserve Price Met
079-1111-1031, M-1850 Foot Officer Sword, BLOWOUT
High bid 255.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0814-0037, US M-1841 Mississippi Rifle, Whitney, BLOWOUT
High bid 1626.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0714-4170, Decoratively Relief Engraved, Brass Inlaid, BLOWOUT
High bid 520.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0814-0031, Colt M-1851, 2nd Model Square Back, #1561, BLOWOUT
High bid 2500.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0814-0027, Remington Police Conversion .38 RF. BLUED, BLOWOUT
High bid 502.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0714-0076B, Colt M-1855 Root, Model 7, 3 1/2 inch, BLOWOUT
High bid 652.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0814-0033, Colt M-1848 Baby Dragoon 4 inch, BLOWOUT
High bid 2025.00 Reserve Price Met
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Jeff Anderson(15) (35) Herman Kinder(2) (22)
Treeline Frontier Inc.(2) (0) Steven C. Phillips(1) (0)
Chip Johnson(1) (1) Dave Young(1) (25)
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