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    Below is the list of Auction Catagories. Click on a category to view a list of auction items in this category.
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1866-through-1898-Foreign-Firearms (1)
1866-through-1898-Hoglegs-and-Holster-Guns (6)
1866-through-1898-Military-Single-Shot-Long-Guns (5)
1866-through-1898-Multi-Barrel-Pocket-Pistols (1)
1866-through-1898-Rim-Fire-Pocket-Revolvers (2)
1866-through-1898-Single-Shot-Deringers (4)
1866-through-1898-Sporting-Long-Guns (1)
1866-through-1898-Winchester-Rifles (4)
1866-through-1964-Colt-Single-Action-Revolvers (4)
1899 through 1964 Colt Single Action Revolvers (1)
1899-through-1918-WWI-Military-Collectibles (1)
1899-through-1964-Sporting-Rifles-Pistols (1)
Antique-Ammunition-Boxes-Cartridges-Tools (2)
Civil-War-28-through-31-Cal-Percussion-Hand-Guns (10)
Civil-War-36-Cal-Percussion-Hand-Guns (9)
Civil-War-44-Cal-Percussion-Hand-Guns (5)
Civil-War-Carbines-and-Henry-Rifles (3)
Civil-War-Cartridge-Hand-Guns (4)
Civil-War-Edged-Weapons (2)
Civil-War-Militaria-Through-WWI-Collectibles-Photos-Documents (3)
Civil-War-Rifled-Muskets (6)
Confederate-Firearms-Swords-Collectibles (2)
Early-Swords-Collectibles-and-Antiquities-Pre-1800 (1)
European-Firearms-Militaria-1800-1898 (2)
Flasks-Powder-Horns-and-Loading-Tools (1)
Flintlocks-Pre-1840 (4)
Modern Ammunition and Reloading Supplies (1)
Pre-Civil-War-Pepperboxes (3)
Pre-Civil-War-Single-Shot-Percussion-Pistols (4)
Test Do Not Use (1)
200-0515-0219, Grafton Style Pepperbox, AW SPIES, BLOWOUT
High bid 350.00 Reserve Price Met
200-0515-0025, Starr SA .44, flashes blue BLOWOUT
High bid 1350.00 Reserve Price Met
GR79-0515-5521, Colt M-1851 Hartord Navy. BLOWOUT
High bid 825.00 Reserve Price Met
200-0515-0066, Colt M-1849 4 inch, 90% Varnish, Scene, BLOWOUT
Starting bid 750.00
GR79-0515-5580, Colt Model 1849 Pocket 6 Inch BLOWOUT
High bid 579.99 Reserve Price Met
200-0515-0034, Colt M-1862 Pocket Navy Conversion, 75%, BLOWOUT
High bid 900.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0515-0109, US Civil War 2 Piece NAVY BUCKLE, Catch. BLOWOUT
Starting bid 200.00
079-0215-3517, REMINGTON ARMY REVOLVER. Inscribed, FBC Co.
High bid 1575.00 Reserve Price Met
200-0515-0255, Freeman Army fine grips, Old Reblue, BLOWOUT
High bid 925.00 Reserve Price Met
221-0415-0001, Winchester M-1866 SRC, Crisp
Starting bid 7900.00
200-0515-0332, Early Colt Thunderer .41, #22182 80% BLOWOUT
High bid 1000.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0515-0108, M-1836 Flint Militay CARTOUCHED, BLOWOUT
High bid 385.00 Reserve Price Met
200-0515-0380, Remington Beals Navy, address. BLOWOUT
High bid 550.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0415-0088 US 1st American Oil Hole RARE, BLOWOUT
Starting bid 3000.00
079-0515-0106, 8 barrel percussion Pistol, Like A Ducks Foot, All barrels fire at once. BLOWOUT
High bid 676.00 Reserve Price Met
200-0515-0372, Whitney Pocket 4 inch, BLUE, BLOWOUT
High bid 675.00 Reserve Price Met
079-G614-8002, Manhattan Navy Long Barrell Holster. BLOWOUT
Starting bid 100.00
079-0415-0080, Colt SA 4 3/4, 44-40, Trace Rainbow Hues and Blue, BLOWOUT
High bid 2007.00 Reserve Price Met
126-0415-4954, Colt SA .44-40, NY Engraved, Ivories, BLOWOUT
Starting bid 3800.00
079-0515-0115, Manhattan Navy, 6 1/2 inch, BLOWOUT
High bid 600.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0415-2100, Smith and Wesson #3, 2nd, 8 Inch, BLOWOUT
High bid 750.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0515-0110, Civil War Brass US buckle, BLOWOUT
Starting bid 150.00
079-0215-3283B, M-1850 Foot Officer Sword, Scabbard. BLOWOUT
Starting bid 400.00
GR79-0515-5570, EXCELLENT Colt SA 44 Cal. Etched Panel. 7 1/2\" brl.
Starting bid 9900.00
GR79-0515-5591, Large Frame DA Pinfire Revolver. BLOWOUT
High bid 201.00 Reserve Price Met
200-0515-0028, Remington M-1875 SA Revolver, .44, BLOWOUT
High bid 1675.00 Reserve Price Met
200-0515-0169, Blunt and Syms, Pepperbox, RARE Fluted BLOWOUT
High bid 310.00 Reserve Price Met
200-0515-0095, Allen Provident Police, .36, CRISP, BLOWOUT
Starting bid 400.00
200-0515-0235, JG Bolen, .31 PEPPERBOX, Etched, BLOWOUT
High bid 586.00 Reserve Price Met
200-0515-0031, Colt Root Model 5A, 4 1/2 inch barrel. BLOWOUT
High bid 495.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0415-0082, Confederate Kerr, Vivid JS/Anchor, BLUE,
Starting bid 4999.00
200-0515-0302, Allen and Wheelock Pocket, .31, Scene, BLOWOUT
High bid 353.00 Reserve Price Met
200-0515-0227, Whitney Laidlaw Rolling Block Musket, BLOWOUT
Starting bid 1300.00
221-0415-0002, Winchester M-1866 SRC, Gold Washed
Starting bid 7900.00
120-0515-7771, Sharps M-1863 Percussion SRC, Cartouched, BLOWOUT
High bid 1200.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0515-0107, Rattail brass Snaphuance, BLOWOUT
High bid 461.00 Reserve Price Met
200-0515-0083, Josiah Ells Pocket, 1st Model, Early, BLOWOUT
High bid 400.00 Reserve Price Met
GR79-0515-5590, Hopkins & Allen Ranger No. 3. BLOWOUT
High bid 77.00 Reserve Price Met
200-0515-0321, Pond, front loading, separate chamber,BLOWOUT
High bid 598.00 Reserve Price Met
200-0515-0204, Brooklyn Arms Slocum Sliding Sleave BLOWOUT
High bid 701.00 Reserve Price Met
200-0515-0252, Eagle Arms, cup fire. BLOWOUT
Starting bid 250.00
200-0515-0033, Allen Side Hammer Pocket, EARLY, BLOWOUT
High bid 420.00 Reserve Price Met
200-0515-0187, Russian Marked .36 percussion, BLOWOUT
High bid 315.00 Reserve Price Met
200-0515-0228, Remington Pocket .31 spur trigger. BLOWOUT
High bid 210.00 Reserve Price Met
GR79-0515-5520, Whitney Navy. BLOWOUT
High bid 800.00 Reserve Price Met
200-0515-0055, Sharps Borchardt M-1878 Rifle, 45-70, BLOWOUT
High bid 1000.00 Reserve Price Met
GR79-0415-5506, Early Colt .31 cal Brass Mold. BLOWOUT
Starting bid 50.00
118-G0115-1113, Special Order Winchester M-1873 44-40, Case hardened, BLOWOUT
Starting bid 12249.00
210-0415-0001, Factory Engraved Colt M-1851 Navy, IVORIES,
Starting bid 6899.00
200-0515-0026, Remington M-1871 Army Pistol, .50, BLOWOUT
High bid 1200.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0515-0103, Confederate ENFIELD, S&H Cartouched, Fine, BLOWOUT
High bid 3275.00 Reserve Price Met
200-0515-0236, Remington Ryder Pocket blue/brown BLOWOUT
High bid 420.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0315-0013, Allen Army .44 percussion. Functional, very good, BLOWOUT
High bid 2000.00 Reserve Price Met
118-G0115-1111, Winchester M-1866 Henry Marked Early 2nd Model. Serial # 21808.
Starting bid 49999.00
200-0515-0013, Remington-Lee M-1885 Navy, .45-70. USN, BLOWOUT
High bid 1000.00 Reserve Price Met
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