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    Below is the list of Auction Catagories. Click on a category to view a list of auction items in this category.
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1866 through 1898 Plain Grade Shotguns (2)
1866-through-1898-Center-Fire-Pocket-Revolvers (3)
1866-through-1898-Edged-Weapons (1)
1866-through-1898-Hoglegs-and-Holster-Guns (8)
1866-through-1898-Military-Single-Shot-Long-Guns (1)
1866-through-1898-Multi-Barrel-Pocket-Pistols (4)
1866-through-1898-PARTS-SIGHTS-for-Firearms (1)
1866-through-1898-Photo-Saloon-Gambling-and-Leather-Collectibles (2)
1866-through-1898-Rim-Fire-Pocket-Revolvers (7)
1866-through-1898-Single-Shot-Deringers (5)
1866-through-1898-Sporting-Long-Guns (13)
1866-through-1898-Winchester-Rifles (17)
1866-through-1964-Colt-Single-Action-Revolvers (3)
1899 through 1964 Colt Single Action Revolvers (1)
Antique-Ammunition-Boxes-Cartridges-Tools (1)
Civil-War-28-through-31-Cal-Percussion-Hand-Guns (10)
Civil-War-36-Cal-Percussion-Hand-Guns (8)
Civil-War-44-Cal-Percussion-Hand-Guns (6)
Civil-War-Carbines-and-Henry-Rifles (11)
Civil-War-Cartridge-Hand-Guns (4)
Civil-War-Edged-Weapons (2)
Civil-War-Militaria-Through-WWI-Collectibles-Photos-Documents (1)
Civil-War-Rifled-Muskets (15)
Confederate-Firearms-Swords-Collectibles (2)
Early-Swords-Collectibles-and-Antiquities-Pre-1800 (1)
European-Firearms-Militaria-1800-1898 (11)
Flintlocks-Pre-1840 (9)
Pre-Civil-War-Kentucky-and-Other-Percussion-Long-Guns (4)
Pre-Civil-War-Pepperboxes (2)
Pre-Civil-War-Single-Shot-Percussion-Pistols (2)
Test Do Not Use (2)
079-0215-5183D, European Fowling Piece, 90% BROWN, BLOWOUT
High bid 156.00 Reserve Price Met
013-G0215-0577, Browning Brothers Single Shot 33” Ex Long Rifle. Serial number 213
Starting bid 11599.00
117-G0115-2221, Marston 3 Barrel Pepperbox. BLUE
Starting bid 2099.00
079-0215-3199C, Allen & Thurber Medium Pepperbox, BLOWOUT
High bid 361.00 Reserve Price Met
114-G0115-0901, Colt SA. 45 Cal. With letter.
Starting bid 8249.00
117-G0115-2223, Cased Colt Police. 85% barrel blue.
Starting bid 5199.00
114-G0115-0900, Colt SA 45 cal with letter. 7 ½ inch barrel.
Starting bid 6749.00
079-0215-3095A, Evans Old Model Sporting Rifle BLOWOUT
High bid 1003.00 Reserve Price Met
079-1114-0149, Sharps Meachum Buffalo Rifle, Double Set, 45-100, BLOWOUT
High bid 2375.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0215-1425B, Engraved Wesson & Leavitt ETCHED, SILVER, BLOWOUT
High bid 650.00 Reserve Price Met
016-G114-0025, EXQUISITE Italian Flint. 1770s
Starting bid 6649.00
113-G0115-1002, Winchester M-1876. 40-60 Cal.
Starting bid 6299.00
079-0215-1431B, Leather Holster Colt DA Lightning, BLOWOUT
High bid 50.00 Reserve Price Met
117-G0115-2220, Marston 3 Barrel Pepperbox. Long barrels
Starting bid 1549.00
079-0215-1315A, Remington New Model Army, BLOWOUT
High bid 775.00 Reserve Price Met
118-G0115-1110, Mint Factory Short Winchester M-1873 44-40. LETTERS
Starting bid 19999.00
116-G0115-3304, Colt Bisley. 41 cal. 4 ¾ inch barrel.
Starting bid 5299.00
013-G114-1005, Over/Under, Rifle/Shotgun.
Starting bid 3299.00
114-G0115-0905, Winchester M-1886. 45-70 cal.
Starting bid 6749.00
118-G0115-1112, MINTY Winchester M-1873 44-40 cal. 24” barrel. 90% original blue. Minty bore.
Starting bid 9499.00
013-G0215-0580, Confederate Richmond Percussion Rifle
Starting bid 9399.00
112-G0115-0411, Harpers Ferry 1855 Rifle. 2 band.
Starting bid 6199.00
079-0215-1094A, Merwin & Bray Single Shot .30 RF, BLOWOUT
High bid 100.00 Reserve Price Met
113-G0115-1003, Colt M-1849 Pocket. Nickle finish
Starting bid 1224.00
002-G1213-0005, Joseph Bunney, London flintlock pistol.
Starting bid 1999.00
079-0215-3210A, LeFaucheux M-1854 Revolver, SA, BLOWOUT
High bid 925.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0215-1229A, Marine Corp. Officers Sword, Frosted, BLOWOUT
High bid 150.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0215-5220B, Asa Waters M-1836 Flintlock, BLOWOUT
High bid 390.00 Reserve Price Met
011-G0115-0009, Winchester M-1876 .50 Cal. Express. Professionally Restored. Excellent!! REDUCED
Starting bid 18999.00
016-G514-0032, “Minories London” William “Brander” Flint pistol
Starting bid 4999.00
112-G0115-04010, Pair of Berger in Tirnau Rifles. Demascus Barrels. Handsomely engraved.
Starting bid 15499.00
079-0215-1505, Winchester M-1887 Lever SG, MINTY BORE, BLOWOUT
High bid 700.00 Reserve Price Met
112-G0115-0415, European Gibb Farquharsons Single Shot Rifle.
Starting bid 6199.00
115-G0115-7501, Special Order Winchester M-1876. VIVID CASE
Starting bid 13199.00
011-G114-0007, “S. Hawkens St. Louis” Marked plains rifle.
Starting bid 6674.00
079-0215-5183A, Enfield M-1861 Musket, 25-25 BLOWOUT
High bid 650.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0215-1151C, S&W M-1 1/2 Second Issue Pocket, BLOWOUT
High bid 100.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0215-5183C, Continental Single Shot Fowling Piece, BLOWOUT
Starting bid 200.00
002-G0115-6604, French Hunting or Side Knife. Circa 1830-1840.
Starting bid 1599.00
013-G114-1007, 1816 Remington with 1857 Conversion.
Starting bid 2599.00
112-G0115-0409, English Percussion Blunderbuss with Flip Bayonet.
Starting bid 2249.00
079-0215-1094C, Brown\'s Southerner Derringer, .41 RF, BLOWOUT
High bid 245.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0215-3210C, Belgian, 7 MM CF Conversion, BLOWOUT
High bid 50.00 Reserve Price Met
114-G0115-0904, Winchester M-1873. 44 Cal.
Starting bid 3349.00
016-G114-0030, Plant Army. 3rd Model, BLUE, Tarnished Silver
Starting bid 1899.00
016-G514-0033, Colt Pocket Navy. 36 cal. 6 ½” Barrel.
Starting bid 6599.00
113-G0115-1000, Sharps Conversion. Mirror bore!
Starting bid 4299.00
013-G1213-0022, Perry .36 Cal. Sporting Rifle. Serial number 791
Starting bid 3700.00
112-G0115-0412, Springfield. 80% case on frame and hammer. Excellent wood.
Starting bid 3399.00
079-0215-1260C, Remington Pocket Conversion, BLOWOUT
High bid 320.00 Reserve Price Met
116-G0115-3300, Smith & Wesson Schofield 2nd Model.
Starting bid 3649.00
016-G114-0006, Remington VP, 30 Cal brass Frame. Fully Marked. Serial # 26
Starting bid 1224.00
118-G0115-1111, Winchester M-1866 Henry Marked Early 2nd Model. Serial # 21808.
Starting bid 49999.00
079-1114-8888, English Flint Fowler, Conversion, HODGSON, BLOWOUT
High bid 260.00 Reserve Price Met
016-G114-0004, 1859 Lefaucheux 12mm SA Pin Fire. Crisp tight action!
Starting bid 3049.00
112-G0115-0400, Josyln 50-70 Conversion. Vivid case
Starting bid 2799.00
112-G0115-0403, Brown Bess.
Starting bid 2249.00
118-G0115-1113, Special Order Winchester M-1873 44-40, Case hardened, BLOWOUT
Starting bid 12249.00
113-G0115-1004, Colt Frontier SA. 44/40 Cal. Manufactured in 1903. w/ letter. 5 ½ inch barrel.
Starting bid 4999.00
079-0215-1145A, Smith & Wesson 1 1/2 Second Issue, .32 RF BLOWOUT,
Starting bid 150.00
013-G0215-0582, Cowboy Decorated Colt M-1860 Army.
Starting bid 1649.00
079-0215-5165A, Engraved and Gold Inlaid Single Shot, BLOWOUT
High bid 200.00 Reserve Price Met
011-G114-0001, 1878 Sharps Creedmoor, Bright shiny minty bore!
Starting bid 22224.00
079-0215-5098B, Bacon Arms Co. Pocket, strong scene, BLOWOUT
High bid 360.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0215-3296, Early Colt M-1851 Navy, #26111, BLOWOUT
Starting bid 1400.00
112-G0115-0408, Peabody Carbine. 50 cal RF. Excellent + +
Starting bid 3599.00
079-0215-1115B, MINTY S&W #1 Third Issue .22, BLOWOUT
High bid 500.00 Reserve Price Met
013-0513-2011, 1860 Spencer with modified lever
Starting bid 3099.00
079-G614-8002, Manhattan Navy Long Barrell Holster. BLOWOUT
Starting bid 100.00
115-G0115-7502, Winchester M-1876. 45-60 cal. 24 inch barrel.
Starting bid 11549.00
116-G0115-3303, Colt 1878 44-40 Cal Frontier. 5 ½ inch barrel.
Starting bid 3549.00
079-0215-3102, Excellent Scarce Whitney Phoenix, BLOWOUT
Starting bid 1000.00
079-0215-3161A, Forehand & Wadsworth Old Model Army SA, BLOWOUT
Starting bid 1300.00
016-G114-0018, Early Colt M. 49 pocket.
Starting bid 1649.00
011-G114-0004, Win 76, Pistol Grip, Delux Bull Barrel
Starting bid 27774.00
079-0215-1151D, S&W Model 1 1/2 SA .32 CF, BLOWOUT
High bid 125.00 Reserve Price Met
112-G0115-0405, Spencer Sporter. Strong case on frame. Fine wood. Bright shiny excellent bore.
Starting bid 6199.00
079-0215-1223, Gallager Saddle Ring Carbine, BLOWOUT
High bid 650.00 Reserve Price Met
112-G0115-0404, Sharps Carbine. 50-70 cal. 85% original case.
Starting bid 5499.00
112-G0115-0413, Gold Inlaid Swiss Target Rifle. Double set trigger.
Starting bid 1999.00
079-0215-1145B, Otis Smith M-1883 Spur Trigger BLOWOUT
High bid 102.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0215-3196A, HUGE DB Pistol, FOLDING Knife, BLOWOUT
High bid 401.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0215-5114A, Eaglehead Officers Sword, Early, BLOWOUT
High bid 511.00 Reserve Price Met
011-G114-0002, Exceptional Deluxe Sharps 74. Minty bore.
Starting bid 22224.00
079-0215-3161F, Harrington & Richardson DA, .38 CF, BLOWOUT
High bid 102.00 Reserve Price Met
013-G0215-0578, Confederate Blockade Marked Enfield.
Starting bid 3699.00
112-G0115-0406, Smith Carbine. Excellent Wood. 90% original barrel blue. Crisp action. 75% original vivid case
Starting bid 3999.00
112-G0115-0401, Snider DRA Prize Rifle.
Starting bid 3349.00
079-0215-0240, Colt M-1849 6\" Pocket. BLOWOUT
High bid 1150.00 Reserve Price Met
016-G114-0028, US, Johnson M-1836, FLINT, Excellent
Starting bid 2774.00
079-0215-1094B, Merwin & Bray Single Shot, BLOWOUT
High bid 200.00 Reserve Price Met
013-G1213-0020, Colt 2nd New Line. .22 RF
Starting bid 1999.00
116-G0115-3301, Sharps Breech Loading Percussion Pistol.
Starting bid 4449.00
079-0215-1297A, Scarce First Year M-1862 Pocket Navy, BLOWOUT
High bid 800.00 Reserve Price Met
013-G0215-0574, Palmer Carbine. Excellent.
Starting bid 6599.00
079-0215-1151B, S&W .38 CF, SA, Baby Russian, BLOWOUT
High bid 210.00 Reserve Price Met
002-G0115-6612, French Side by Side Flint. Coignet Maker. “St. Eitenne” marked
Starting bid 3549.00
112-G0115-0402, Browning Brothers Rifle. #126.
Starting bid 17599.00
013-G114-1011, 1841 Whitney Mississippi with Colt .58 Cal Alterations.
Starting bid 3999.00
079-0215-1251A, Scarce A&W Lipfire Navy, RARE BLOWOUT
High bid 875.00 Reserve Price Met
116-G0115-3302, Remington M-1875. 44 cal.
Starting bid 2899.00
002-G0115-6606, Irish Pair. Boyd Limerick. 100% correct.
Starting bid 1324.00
079-0215-3196D, English, \"Chambers\" Box lock, BLOWOUT
High bid 152.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0215-1418, Inscribed Plant\'s Mfg. Army, BLOWOUT
High bid 566.00 Reserve Price Met
011-G114-0005, RARE Heavy Barrel Lehman Plains Rifle
Starting bid 4999.00
079-0215-3609A, Early E.C. Green Under Lever SG, BLOWOUT
High bid 300.00 Reserve Price Met
013-G1213-0018, Hopkins & Allen. .22 Cal.
Starting bid 499.00
079-0215-1132E, MINTY Remington 2-LINE, DD, .41 RF, BLOWOUT
High bid 800.00 Reserve Price Met
013-G0215-0581, Remington NM Army.
Starting bid 949.00
011-G114-0008, Cased Whitney Pocket Model Percussion Revolver. 31. Cal
Starting bid 8884.00
013-G114-1010, 1851 Sharps .36 Cal Round Barrel Sporting Rifle.
Starting bid 8674.00
013-0513-2014,Germanic Style Flint, 1700\'s. REDUCED
Starting bid 1999.00
079-0215-5049A, Starr M-1863 SA, Mottled Gray, BLOWOUT
High bid 355.00 Reserve Price Met
112-G0115-0414, European Single Shot Sporting Rifle. Circa 1880s. 577-450 cal.
Starting bid 1899.00
013-G1213-0012, Elgin Cutlass, Original. Functional.
Starting bid 6899.00
079-0215-1299A, Colt M-1860 Army, Scene, BLOWOUT
High bid 1125.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0215-3279B, Springfield M-1879 Rifle, 80% blue, case, BLOWOUT
High bid 400.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0215-5184C, Mutzig Arsenal Carbine, 1829, BLOWOUT
High bid 355.00 Reserve Price Met
013-G1213-0019, Colt 3rd Model Deringer, .41 RF
Starting bid 2124.00
114-G0115-0906, RARE Extra Heavy Barrel Winchester M-1886 Rifle. 45-90 Caliber.
Starting bid 12099.00
013-G0215-0579, Smith Carbine. Inscribed “A Hubner 4”.
Starting bid 1299.00
079-0215-1139D, Marlin XXX Standard 1872 Spur Trigger, BLOWOUT
High bid 129.00 Reserve Price Met
002-G0115-6608, Samuel Oakes Trade Pistol. Flint.
Starting bid 999.00
013-G114-1006, Pieper 9 Shot, 8mm, Revolving Carbine.
Starting bid 3049.00
079-0215-1228A, US M-1860 Cavarly Sword, ROBY, 1863, BLOWOUT
High bid 525.00 Reserve Price Met
013-G0215-0576, Original Browning Brothers Single Shot Rifle. #102 REDUCED
Starting bid 19249.00
013-G0215-0573A, Winchester M-1873 .38 Cal.
Starting bid 1849.00
011-G114-0003, Winchester M-73 Early 2nd, Special Order.
Starting bid 9999.00
013-0513-2012, German Jager. REDUCED
Starting bid 3099.00
079-0215-0043, Colt M-61 Navy BLOWOUT
High bid 650.00 Reserve Price Met
002-G1213-0009, Pair French Percussion Pistols.
Starting bid 1099.00
079-0215-1431C, Leather holster pocket size, Nevada Maker, BLOWOUT
High bid 101.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0215-5251, Early Colt SA .45, #36715, 7 1/2 inch, BLOWOUT
High bid 2775.00 Reserve Price Met
115-G0115-7503, Winchester M- 1873 Carbine.
Starting bid 16749.00
117-G0115-2222, Mass Arms Maynard Primed Ivories
Starting bid 3149.00
079-0115-0204, Colt M-1849 5 inch, 50% scene, fine grips, crisp action, BLOWOUT
High bid 525.00 Reserve Price Met
079-0215-3563C, Parker Percussion Shotgun, Damascus, BLOWOUT
High bid 210.00 Reserve Price Met
114-G0115-0903, Winchester M-1866.
Starting bid 8249.00
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