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Greetings fellow collectors and antique enthusiasts!

Just to let you know a bit about who you might be dealing with, I have been around the antique gun scene for about 50+ years, and have a pretty extensive personal collection as well as a large inventory of various American antique firearms (....and a few foreign items as well). I welcome any communication as to other items that you may be looking for, and if the whereabouts of such items is known, I'll happily pass along the "tip". Everything I sell comes with the usual 5-day inspection privelege ...INCLUDING LAYAWAYS and consignments ..and there are no finance charges or other "hidden fees", such as restocking fees, etc, on layaways or returned items. Buyer just pays actual shipping and insurance charges both ways if returning an item. The items that I mostly deal in are... military and "western" type antique American firearms of many types, such as Colts, S&Ws, Winchesters, Sharps, Remingtons, Marlin and Marlin-Ballards, Merwin-Hulberts, American Civil War accrudrements, sabres, knives, holsters etc...etc ...Most all items are pre-1898 and can be sent directly to the successful bidder/buyer.

Any further data that is needed can be had by e-mailing me at: ...or phoning (530)889-9454 between the hours of 10AM-6PM Pacific Time ..but I don't have a phone recorder and I tend to be in and out a lot, so PLEASE try several times!

Many thanks, and may God bless America, you, and your household. Tom Burness
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Hansen & Hansen(22) (56) Jeff Anderson(14) (40)
outlawswinchesters(4) (1) Dave Young(1) (27)

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