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Re: Henry Arms Co.
Posted by: Anonymous User (IP Logged)
Date: October 27, 2008 12:49PM

there was a discussion recently here about another Henry Arms Co. double barrel shotgun. it was discovered at that time that at least the barrels were of belgium manufacture. but i believe the rest is still up in the air.

during my time without power (after hurricane ike) i did a lot of rereading of some of my older books and research through books i haven't opened in 10 plus years. one of them "american gun makers" by satterlee and gluckman. has a listing of a henry family of gun makers from pennsylivana dating from 1751 through 1912 and none of them were kin to B. Tyer Henry. the founding member William Henry I started his business in 1751 and the last member noted was grandville Henry who passed away in 1912. that is a family tradition of 161 years.

william henry I (1729-1786) made arms during the american war for independence one of his sons made firearms for the astor fur company and his grandson james and greatgrandson grandville made arms during the civil war. grandville henry's (1835-1912) firearms before and after the civil war were shotguns. he has at least one patent for a single barrel breech loading shotgun. there is no reason to believe he made only single barrel shotguns. it is more likely he made both muzzle laoding and breech loading double and single shotguns. it was a common practice during the 1880 and 1890 for companies to use barrels imported from belgium. in fact the 1896 iver johnson's arms and cycle works catalog states "---we use only the best belgium barrels for our shotguns".

i myself would really like to have a hands on look at one of these Henry Arms Co. double barrel shotguns.

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