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Pattern 1907 Bayonet
Posted by: C.W. Howard (IP Logged)
Date: April 27, 2012 04:56PM

I have recently acquired a Pattern 1907 bayonet to go with my 1941 Lithgow No. 1 Mark III. Bayonets are soemthing I don;t know much about, so if anybody can tell me a bit about this one, it will be greatly appreciated:

Sheathe is black leather, well preserved. Metal tip is blueed and apears o be unmarked. Throat is also blued steel, with broad arrow and addtioanl marking I cannot decipher. Maybe if i can find my Optivisor...

Pommel is marked with B over 95476 (serial number?) on right side.

Right scale impressed "AUSTRALIA"; left scale AZ 41.Anyone know what the wood for the scales is? Doesn't look quite like walnut to me.

I am going to cross-post on Swords and on WWI-WWII firearms in hopes o finding the right help.

Right flat of bayonet blade marked (from tip toward hilt) broad arrow; indecipherable mark, possibly star over numeeral (very tiny) beside broad arrow;just above qullon X beside MA. MAy be a an additional symbol in left side of the X and POSSIBLY another in lower valley of the X.

Any aid greatly appreciated. Blade has never been sharpened, but is quite sharply pointed and has fullers down boith sides.
Left sidedof blade MA over 1907 over 1; closer to quillons and closer to spine than the stack of MA/1907/1 which are centered, numberal 42.

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  Pattern 1907 Bayonet 1195 C.W. Howard 04/27/2012 04:56PM

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