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Pre-1899 Firearms... Generally defined as "Antique Arms" under US laws. Mass production types for the most part. Rifles and pistols mostly found here. Shotguns have their own board.  
Re: Andrew Kopp
Posted by: James B Whisker (IP Logged)
Date: October 04, 2009 09:10AM

This Frederick Stover bit -- the late researcher Bill Bowers owned the quality Stover -- which in my opinion now was a composite gun -- and looks nothing like the one ex H J Kauffman collection in General hand Museum. I appreciate the Bowers gun (show in The KY Rifle which carries Merrill Lindsay's name on {photos by Bruce Pendleton) altho real research/ annotation was done by Dr George Shumway. I suspect that gun has as much of Bowers in it as anyone and think it was a Kopp with a later Stover barrel. Some decades ago there was an article in KRA Newsletter on Kopp by a man who collected his guns; it did all the extant tax work. Maybe c. 1950 there was an article in Altoona Mirror [newspaper] on Kopp and had a photo but fold of paper obliterated the picture. Kindig refers to that paper [adding 10 years to his actual age] in his huge book, research for which was done by an undertaker in York named Sam Dyke. Again, I'm not sure what you want that is not already out there -- especially with that family reference as to actual date of birth, parentage, etc. At thsi point I sincerely doubt that anyone will find his wife's maiden name [why is that important?] and a few such things. I gather that some dork stole the Emmitsburg tax records that might be instructive some years ago. One can guess that Kopp, John Armstrong, Peter Whjite, George Nunnamacher, perhaps others, tried to set up a "manufactory" in Emmitsburg but lack sufficient business so they all scattered. Kopp did OK but Nunnamacher and Wjite eventually went bankrupt and quite possibly also Armstrong.

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