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Early Shotguns

You watch westerns and the guns you see are Colt Single Actions, Winchester Rifles, Sharps Rifles or Spencer Carbines. But the gun that really won the American West was the double barrel shotgun. Every ranch, homestead, general store, livery stable, saloon, house-of-fallen-roses and out-house had a shotgun hanging on the wall. The vast majority were foreign made by some maker long since forgotten. Anyone with from two-bits to a dollar could buy one. Most were used by farm boys, who with a black powder flask, some tattered cloth for wadding and pea gravel for shot, would spend much of the day hunting the stream banks for supper.

Literally millions of these guns were sold all over the American West and as a result 99% have little collector value. They are commonly have names on them of department stores or other outlets that sold them . Their value is usually from $50-$200. There are some exceptions: Fine quality firearms, with Damascus barrels, fancy engraved frames, deluxe stocks with silver and gold inlays do command high values. 

Most guns with these features will have fine quality English makers like Charles Daly. US made guns by Parker Brothers, Colt, Remington, Winchester, Lefever, L.C. Smith, Spencer Arms Co., or 3 barrel rifle-shotgun combinations, (known as Drillings) by Baker Gun Co., Brooks Arms Co., or Hollenback Gun Co. are collectible and command reasonable to high prices. Also Flint lock shotguns tend to be collectible.

Almost all the rest have no collector interest. Unless you have one of the above made guns please let this be your answer and do not clutter the discussion board with the hundreds of forgotten makers. I know this is upsetting to some people, but there are so many of these types of shotguns, that the real collectors get aggravated because they are overwhelmed by so many questions.  We would love to answer the questions, but there would be more questions than all other guns combined.  No you don't have some rare variant that was made in Belgium. I have probably missed a few valuable antique shotguns, but not many.

If your gun is from one of the named makers, click here and return to the discussion board and post your question.