Terms & Conditions

Using Our Services

By using our services as either a bidder it is assumed that you have read the guidelines provided here, and are expected to follow them.

Antiqueguns.com is a provider of web space to auction goods and services on our web site. The information below helps to show the uses, terms, and responsibilities of Antiqueguns.com, the seller, and the bidders. This information will serve as general instructions, and does contain some legal mumbo jumbo defining what we expect our role to be. Antiqueguns.com is a service for buyers and sellers to meet, and cannot be held liable for the actions of the bidders or the sellers on our site. This includes failure of a buyer or seller to complete any transaction, the accuracy of any listing description, communication between users, or enforcement of any sale originated on the site, whether an auction listing or store listing. However, we do take an active role in monitoring their conduct, and reserve the right to exclude any company or individual from access to our services if we determine their actions to be inappropriate.

The Internet being the fragile environment that it is, Antiqueguns.com cannot be held responsible for server downtime, or your inability to access our site. Notifications sent by email may take longer than expected, and cannot be counted on to inform you of an item’s status. In the event of technical problems, we reserve the right to cancel, restart, or extend an auction as the circumstances may dictate.


At the seller’s options, auctions can last up to 7 days. Bidding automatically terminates at the end of the auction

When the auction ends, the seller and high-bidder(s) are notified by email. Auction results are also available for anyone to examine for a period of time. The high bidder and seller should contact each other within 3 business days of the end of the auction. If the high bidder fails to respond to the seller within 3 business days, the seller may contact the next highest bidder, and the high bidder may lose their winning place as the winning bidder.


In order to bid in an auction, you must first register with Antiqueguns.com. There is no charge for registering. On every item in an auction, a minimum bid and a minimum increase is set by the seller. Our software will not accept a lower bid than either the opening bid, or the current bid plus the minimum increase. If an inappropriate bid is placed, a bidder will be notified immediately that their bid has not been accepted, and is provided with a form to correct the bid. Any current high bidders who are overbid at this time will receive notification by email.

On items with a quantity of 1, a Maximum Bid may be placed when bidding on an item. A Maximum Bid is confidential, and will be used only to increase your bid automatically in case you are overbid.

The seller may opt to auction more than 1 of any given item. In the case of quantities greater than 1, slightly different information will be displayed on the bidding form. Typically called a Dutch Auction, this format will allow bidders to state the quantity of the items that they are bidding on (it is not necessary to bid on the entire quantity). At the end of the auction, bidders with the highest bids will win the quantity they bid on. In the event of a tie in the high bid, the bidder with the greatest number of items bid on will prevail. In the event of a tie in both high bid and quantity, the first time any bid on this particular lot has been placed by the bidder will prevail. The quantity is divided up between the winning bidders until there are none left. Often times a bidder will have a winning bid, but only a partial quantity is left at their bid level. In this case the bidder is expected to accept whatever quantity remains.

Before bidding on an item, you should make sure you know what the item is, you want the item, and are confident of the seller’s honesty. Make sure you understand the extra costs of the item, such as sales tax or shipping charges. Email the seller with any questions you have.

By placing a bid, you are placing a legally-binding and irrevocable offer to purchase the item at any price up to your maximum bid amount. If your bid is the high bid and accepted by the seller, you are legally obligated to complete the transaction. Failure to complete the transaction is a breach of the User Agreement and may be legally actionable by the seller. Additionally, Antiqueguns.com may suspend or terminate your user account if it deems appropriate.

Ending Dates

Each auction has it’s own ending time listed in the bidding form. The bidding time is also displayed on this form. Auctions end automatically at this time. The items remain viewable till midnight EST of that day, whereupon notifications are sent out to the winning bidders, with copies going to the seller. At this point the seller and the buyer must make arrangements between each other. Antiqueguns.com has no other responsibility other than maintaining the bids, and providing the facility to hold the auctions. All warranties and expressed conditions are stated by the seller, who is completely responsible for them. The Auction Network does want to be informed of any disputes, and will arbitrate if necessary.

Auction Results

The results of items won in an auctions are displayed for a period of time on the main auction pages. By selecting an auction, the results for that auction will display the items and winning bidders. This information is provided as a service to our users, and should be used as a guideline to determine the market for a given item, as well as to see whom you may be bidding against.


It is directly against the policies of Antiqueguns.com to manipulate the price of an item through the use of third party bidding, or sellers placing bids directly. This will not be tolerated, and in the event of direct evidence of this activity, the Auctioneer will be removed immediately from Antiqueguns.com. This action will not relieve the seller of any monies due Antiqueguns.com before the action or as a result of listing placed on Antiqueguns.com.

Reserve Price Auctions

Auctions may be run with reserve prices. The reserve price is the lowest the seller is willing to accept for the item. The reserve price is not disclosed to bidders. A seller might specify a Starting Price on a reserve price auction to entice bidding activity and interest in the item.

When a bidders maximum price meets or exceeds the reserve price, the item’s current bid is raised to the reserve price, and an indication is added to show the reserve price has been met.

Reserve price auctions are not available on Dutch Auctions!


To register at antiqueguns.com you must be of the age of majority in the state in which you reside. In most states that is 21 years of age. You also cannot be a convicted felon.

User Feedback

We encourage users to leave feedback about your trading experience. However, do not abuse the privilege. You must be a winning bidder on an item to leave feedback on a seller; and must have a transaction with a bidder to leave feedback on a bidder.


You must enter correct contact information to have user access at Antiqueguns.com. To bid on an item or to auction an item, you must be a registered user at Antiqueguns.com.


Fraud in any form is not tolerated at Antiqueguns.com. We encourage users to report any instances of fraud to the appropriate authorities.

Be sure you have attempted to contact the user before assuming fraud. In many cases, it is simply a misunderstanding, error in shipping information, or something similar, that is quickly and easily resolved.

Illegal Items

You cannot sell illegal firearms on Antiqueguns.com. Instances of this kind of abuse will be communicated with the appropriate authorities. In order to transfer or sale firearms manufactured after 1898, you need to make the transfer through a licensed FFL Dealer. You are expected to know the law when buying or selling. If you are not certain about the laws that govern the transportation of an item, contact a local office of the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.


Do not add user’s email address to your address book unless you have permission of the user. Any user sending Spam to users of Antiqueguns.com will have their account suspended or terminated at the sole discretion of Antiqueguns.com,


Be cautious of what you say about other users. The other user may be able to hold you responsible for your postings and comments! Be cautious about negative comments.

Disallowed Items

Assault Rifles, Automatic Firearms, Armor Piercing Bullets, Machine Guns, and Racist Literature or Propaganda are not allowed on Antiqueguns.com. When they are found they will be removed.

Hold Harmless

Antiqueguns.com, its principals, its employees and or its heirs shall be held harmless from any liability or damages as a result of users misusing this site or from disputes between users or from claims of damage from one user over another user. The Users agree that Antiqueguns.com simply is a convenient place for interested parties to meet and/or transaction business, and shall have no liability because of disputes or injuries that result from such meetings and/or transactions. Users are advised to beware of any person and only continue with a transaction or bid on a transaction if they have decided the person they are dealing with is trustworthy. Antiqueguns.com cannot guarantee that its Users are following the law, it is up to the parties involved to determine the legal means to transfer or transport firearms that they are dealing with.

Thank You!

Having said all the mumbo jumbo, we appreciate your every visit to our site. We wish you the best of luck whether buying or selling. We also welcome your comments, suggestions, compliments, and even beefs. Antiqueguns.com was designed with you in mind, and a great many of our improvements are direct results of your input.